Small Soap for Hotel (Hotel Logo Branding) -Orange/Lavender-15g

2.90 [3.42 after GST]
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Size: Square/Rectangle

  1. Glycerin Sweet Lemon/Orange

Minimum quantity: 500 pcs
Packing: Machine Sealed Poly Packed
Hotel Logo Branding: Multicolor Sticker

Send Logo File or Whatsapp 9650940808

Wholesale Pricing

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 2,999 2.90
3,000 - 5,999 5.17 % 2.75
6,000+ 10.34 % 2.60


Buy Small Soap for Hotel Guest Room. We do all-India Delivery. Our Prices are cheap and the quality is excellent. Hotel Logo Sticker Branding on the soap is Available. Importance of Giving Soap & Other Toiletries To the Hospitality Industry This is one of the most competitive industries in terms of service quality management, the reason being hotel business provides the longest hours of continuous service to guests which are normally in days, whereas in many other services like restaurants, beauty salons, and spas, etc, these services interaction ends in few minutes or hours, rather even a day. The guest has a full day to get impressed or less impressed or even annoyed with the hotel. Soap in the hotel bathroom or other toiletries like shampoo, and the dental kit is a non-expensive way to impress the guest. Also, non-availability of the soap and other toiletries may make the guest think that he is staying in a cheap lodge kind of set up which is extremely dangerous for repeat business. provides excellent quality hotel soap, toiletries, and housekeeping cleaners are very attractive prices with comfort. Last but not least, with your branding you create brand recall in guest mind too

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